Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony Not Guilty?

Don't you just wonder what was going through jurors minds when they decided the verdict for Casey Anthony? and the fact that we may never know exactly how little Caylee Anthony died but we do know this there where no proof that Casey Anthony killed her daughter now there are alot of people shocked about the verdict that came in 2:15pm Tuesday afternoon which was read by one of the jurors who was a women and she said very pleasantly in the case of Casey Marie Anthony murder in the first degree we find the defendant NOT GUILTY! now she was also found not guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child and not guilty in aggravated child abuse but she was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer now she was convicted of lying, so alot of people are very angry that she was not convicted, but what can you do that's what happens when you don't have enough evidence and not enough proof to be completely honest i already believed she was innocent for the reason that all that witnesses that the prosecutors brought on the stand just wasn't helping there case at all but just making it easier for the defence and the idea that you can push the death penalty on someone for killing one person there own child is absolutely ridiculous. Nancy Grace who has a show on CNN headline news has been getting alot of heat for the way she reported this case trying to kind of make Casey Anthony look guilty during this entire trial, now she's a former prosecutor who misses prosecuting she joined CNN in 2007 and began talking about criminal cases such as this one, We may never know how little Caylee Anthony died but let this homicide trial teach us something about the American legal system know one is guilty until you prove it no matter how much you might think that person is already guilty.

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