Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ogano Gold what is it ?

So what is it? organo gold it is known as the coffee that pays, it is very known for being the best coffee in the world but first let me tell you a story, now I was working in a collections agency frustrated one day by having an argument with my supervisor at the time, I was very angry because in this company your pushed to collect as many payments from consumers who owes debt from credit cards they've used in the past, now how many people answer there phones and talk to bill collectors? yeah almost no one likes being harassed by somebody who is just trying to get a commission check, that day I got up and went to the break area to get some coffee and a supervisor from another department asked me would I like to go from making $500 a week to making $1500 a week now of course you would love that but I wasn't sure what he meant by that later on he sent me a link to his website he has through organo gold, that I went to and kind of liked what I saw but I has a lot of doubts at first but I did some research, and this supervisor will eventually arrange to have me speak to someone who is very successful in the business talk to me about it and pin point how it worked and broke it all down for me and I understood more about it but I had questions like how do I know this is not a scam or this is just another pyramid company, after doing some research there's a lot of people who are making good money from doing this business now I'm talking six figure incomers to seven figure incomers yearly, and I've met people who tells me the same thing who are in the business as well so I would eventually join the business as a distributor and an independent business owner, I've just started and I am getting the hang of it, so far I like the business it makes me feel more empowered that I own my own internet business and I'm in the ecommerce world, I have marketing companies calling me asking me to use them to promote my business and I've been to meetings and trainings and connecting with other business owners and entrepreneurs, this is a very good business opportunity to get into especially if your ready to work smart and make good money and to go as far as possible. Many corporations has been beefing on the marketing portfolio and has been mostly focusing on coffee and different coffee drinks lately in fact according to McDonalds has decided to dedicate 2-3 years to changing there menus to focus on coffee more than ever click on the following link to read more about this, so not only is this a good business it's the right business, that corporations like taco bell dunkin donuts are trying to capture go ahead and visit my website through organo gold to view more about this amazing company and the products they sale you will love it look at the different products they have to offer and try to think outside the box and open your mind and please don't forget to purchase your organo gold products ENJOY!!!