Sunday, September 4, 2011

Corporate America

If you have a job and your employer is offering alot of overtime hours you may want to think about why your employer is giving so much overtime, you would like to think that companies are doing so well by now but that's not necessarily true and i hope you know that. In a time when there's so much people out if work and companies are still laying off employees, there's a thought that comes to mind why are so many employed Americans still working so much overtime? and the answer is as simple as this companies are still hesitant to hire more people to work for them, new people who does not know to much about the company that they would be hired to work for, but that's what job training is for but companies feel more comfortable with having there already employed with just doing more overtime for that reason. Corporations are fully equipped with so much technology that they may not need more people to work for them, but they will need people to buy there products and use there services and in order for that to take place they will need to have more employed people and they play a role in that and small businesses as well so offering overtime is not the problem it's offering overtime and and not hireing anymore people to work for them that's the problem.

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