Thursday, August 2, 2012

Face Off!!

As November draws nearer the presidential election is becoming a little more different let me explain, both candidates wants to help America with different policies different agendas and different mentalities, president Barrack Obama wants to revive the middle class and raise taxes for those who make $250.000 or more governor Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes instead reality says either plans could help or hurt America, but what does the American people want they want jobs a stable economy and growth, the polls show that people like president Barrack Obama but thinks Mitt Romney could fix the US economy but both candidates are just to hard to choose from. America needs a better direction and to be honest either candidates can lead America to that if they have the right ideas, but lets be honest does it really matter what Mitt Romney is or does it matter if president Barrack Obama is a regular guy it really doesn't but Mitt Romney has not released his taxes from over 5 years which he should do as a presidential candidate, one reason why he wouldn't want to release his taxes is because how much he made the media can scrutinize against because of that and just point him to be more out of touch because of how much money he made, in every way lets remember this the presidential election will be based on three things the US economy job creation and foreign policy if neither candidates can deliver on fixing these two main issues we have a problem.