Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ogano Gold what is it ?

So what is it? organo gold it is known as the coffee that pays, it is very known for being the best coffee in the world but first let me tell you a story, now I was working in a collections agency frustrated one day by having an argument with my supervisor at the time, I was very angry because in this company your pushed to collect as many payments from consumers who owes debt from credit cards they've used in the past, now how many people answer there phones and talk to bill collectors? yeah almost no one likes being harassed by somebody who is just trying to get a commission check, that day I got up and went to the break area to get some coffee and a supervisor from another department asked me would I like to go from making $500 a week to making $1500 a week now of course you would love that but I wasn't sure what he meant by that later on he sent me a link to his website he has through organo gold, that I went to and kind of liked what I saw but I has a lot of doubts at first but I did some research, and this supervisor will eventually arrange to have me speak to someone who is very successful in the business talk to me about it and pin point how it worked and broke it all down for me and I understood more about it but I had questions like how do I know this is not a scam or this is just another pyramid company, after doing some research there's a lot of people who are making good money from doing this business now I'm talking six figure incomers to seven figure incomers yearly, and I've met people who tells me the same thing who are in the business as well so I would eventually join the business as a distributor and an independent business owner, I've just started and I am getting the hang of it, so far I like the business it makes me feel more empowered that I own my own internet business and I'm in the ecommerce world, I have marketing companies calling me asking me to use them to promote my business and I've been to meetings and trainings and connecting with other business owners and entrepreneurs, this is a very good business opportunity to get into especially if your ready to work smart and make good money and to go as far as possible. Many corporations has been beefing on the marketing portfolio and has been mostly focusing on coffee and different coffee drinks lately in fact according to McDonalds has decided to dedicate 2-3 years to changing there menus to focus on coffee more than ever click on the following link to read more about this, so not only is this a good business it's the right business, that corporations like taco bell dunkin donuts are trying to capture go ahead and visit my website through organo gold to view more about this amazing company and the products they sale you will love it look at the different products they have to offer and try to think outside the box and open your mind and please don't forget to purchase your organo gold products ENJOY!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The true meaning of Christmas

Have we forgot the true meaning of Christmas? well these days with more low incomers and great holiday deals yes we forgot the true meaning of Christmas, as our society grow more graceless and more selfish its sad to ay we are more worried about ourselves and our own issues, lets just take out time to give more to others and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Face Off!!

As November draws nearer the presidential election is becoming a little more different let me explain, both candidates wants to help America with different policies different agendas and different mentalities, president Barrack Obama wants to revive the middle class and raise taxes for those who make $250.000 or more governor Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes instead reality says either plans could help or hurt America, but what does the American people want they want jobs a stable economy and growth, the polls show that people like president Barrack Obama but thinks Mitt Romney could fix the US economy but both candidates are just to hard to choose from. America needs a better direction and to be honest either candidates can lead America to that if they have the right ideas, but lets be honest does it really matter what Mitt Romney is or does it matter if president Barrack Obama is a regular guy it really doesn't but Mitt Romney has not released his taxes from over 5 years which he should do as a presidential candidate, one reason why he wouldn't want to release his taxes is because how much he made the media can scrutinize against because of that and just point him to be more out of touch because of how much money he made, in every way lets remember this the presidential election will be based on three things the US economy job creation and foreign policy if neither candidates can deliver on fixing these two main issues we have a problem.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is College A Ripoff ?

College as we know it is becoming a more expensive, and for inspired kids who want to go to college and achieve there dreams and there's nothing we can do about it but to be frustrated. There's alot of reasons why college is good there are reasons why college is not necessary depending on your mind? now let's be clear people like Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Steve Jobs and Michael Dell did not even finish college but there all multi billionaires, but not everyone yet there are countless people who are so successful with out a college degree, so the question is how valuable is a college degree and especially in a time where unemployment is in an all time high is a college degree still necessary? yes depending on what you want to do, don't look at college as an unecessary step because yes there are people whom dropped out of college and became nothing but if your smart and you have alot of ideas you can be very successful without a college degree.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Corporate America

If you have a job and your employer is offering alot of overtime hours you may want to think about why your employer is giving so much overtime, you would like to think that companies are doing so well by now but that's not necessarily true and i hope you know that. In a time when there's so much people out if work and companies are still laying off employees, there's a thought that comes to mind why are so many employed Americans still working so much overtime? and the answer is as simple as this companies are still hesitant to hire more people to work for them, new people who does not know to much about the company that they would be hired to work for, but that's what job training is for but companies feel more comfortable with having there already employed with just doing more overtime for that reason. Corporations are fully equipped with so much technology that they may not need more people to work for them, but they will need people to buy there products and use there services and in order for that to take place they will need to have more employed people and they play a role in that and small businesses as well so offering overtime is not the problem it's offering overtime and and not hireing anymore people to work for them that's the problem.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

President Obama's mistakes

YES WE CAN!! or no you can't ? well in the beginning of 2009 after Barack Obama was sworn into the presidential oval office and America was fired up and ready to go even in a 10.5 percent unemployment rate an economy losing about 700,000 jobs a month America was still fired up and ready to go, there are two things i would credit Obama for doing and that's killing bin laden and trying to fix health care even though that was a lot of spending too. Lets go back to 2009 where he passed a stimulus bill worth 787 billion dollars to keep the economy afloat, and then there was a health care bill that he did say he wants in his office buy august but because of the politics and the bickering in Washington it was passed later than that. What happened to America financially and emotionally in 2008 with the US economy and major layoffs, it was such an emotional time in this country and with the very intense presidential elections it was very emotional for all of us. This is my critique of President Barack Obama.

The worst thing you can do is work with people who wants to see you fail
like what Rush Limbaugh said and i quote i want him to fail, republicans and
democrats have there agendas but a democratic president in office should
have worked with mostly democrats and get things done much quickly
but working on bipartisanship is what slowed him down.

Now i am pro business and pro corporate, but i will cut him some slack on this one now
at the time America was experiencing something it has never experienced before or at
least since the great depression, but in a bad economy where are begging businesses to
hire people it wasn't the best idea to keep criticizing corporations for there way of
spending taxpayers money to where it seems as if he was talking about all of corporate
America when he was just talking about banks at wall street.

The federal government spent well over a trillion dollars since 2009 most of witch went
to the health care bill and the stimulus package, but no small business lending ? there are about 154.4 million employed individuals in the US and small business are the largest employers in the country employing 53% of all us workers, and 30 million small businesses in the US accounts for 64% of net new jobs, even over 99% of all employing organizations in the US are small businesses so it would have been and it's still is a great idea to lend to small businesses.

In overall progress i would give the president a D- for the reason of the economy and the
unemployment rate, and no matter how you want to look at it this economy is the biggest issue on the table and if the unemployment rate continues to be high and the US economy continues to produce jobs very poorly every month, well i don't know what president Barack Obama will do next year for his reelection bid but i very much doubt the American people would be fired up and ready to go.

President Obama got a lot of votes from people based on the color of his skin. Many people wanted to elect a black man president to send a message about race relations in this country. They also wanted to be perceived as "color-blind" when it comes to race. So the only criteria was his skin color.

However, now the bloom is off the rose. People are now judging the President based on what he has accomplished in his first 2.5 years in office and lots of people are not impressed. In business, we would call this over promising and under delivering. Expectations were so high at the beginning of his presidency, it would have been virtually impossible to meet all the expectations. But meeting some of them would have been nice.

This is similar to his failed experience with the Annenberg Challenge, where he and William Ayers put their ideas about education into play. The Annenberg Foundation shut down their experiment in educaton when their students were shown to be no different scholastically from public school kids, even after blowing through millions of dollars.

Now, he is experimenting with his ideas about economic growth, capitalism government intervention in business and market forces. Sadly, much like the Annenberg challenge, his ideas have been shown to be completely ineffective. Yet his pride and his inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for what his administration has done (or, more to the point, not done) have become more and more apparent to many citizens.

It would be different if he was learning from his mistakes, making changes to his policies and being willing to listen to different ideas. But he is not. And with news starting to surface about how effective the changes that Gov. Scott Walker has put into place in Wisconsin, many people are wondering why President Obama and his staff can't see the obvious and do the same things, on a national scale.

If President Obama loses the presidency in November of 2012, he will blame the tea party movement, Congress and anyone else he can find. Sadly, he will have no one to blame but himself.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

9.2% Unemployment Rate Blame Microsoft ?

I was in a Rite Aid pharmacy the other day and about to pay for my stuff at their new bank of automated self-check out kiosks. I heard one woman behind me say to her friend, “Oh, I would NEVER use those things. They take jobs away from people.”

What’s that? You’d like to work for my small business? I appreciate your interest. And I, like so many others, feel terrible about how long you’ve been unemployed. We would like to do something about the situation. We’d like to help you. But there’s something you (and the woman from the Rite Aid) need to know. I’m not sure how to say this kindly so it’s best I just say it: many of us don’t really need more employees.

Of course the fact that you’re out of a job has a lot to do with the state of the economy. Growth is anemic. The uncertainty in the current business environment is holding a lot of us back from making the investments that we’d like to make. And regulations and the prospect of more regulations, let alone higher taxes to pay for our country’s deficits, are giving many of us cause for concern. For that we can certainly blame many: our politicians, the government, the banking system, the media…even ourselves.

But it’s not just that. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why you don’t have a job (and the prospects of finding a job are not encouraging) can also be blamed on someone else: Microsoft. And other technology companies like them.

Because there’s something else going on in this economy. Just look at the below chart. It shows that our country’s Gross Domestic Product, while growing at a painfully slow pace, is now higher than it was before the 2008 recession. And yet it’s common knowledge among those who track these things that there are more than seven million people without jobs than there were at the start of the recession. Which means that businesses are producing more products and services than ever before…but with 7 million fewer people. And by the way…corporate profits are at an all-time high too.

Manufacturers are leading the charge. Just look at how manufacturing productivity has risen over the past thirty years in this country while the number of people employed to make stuff has decreased.

I know you need a job and I know this is a very difficult situation. And I don’t want to sound cruel because I’m trying to help you. And to get help with a problem the first thing we have to do is diagnose the problem. So here’s the cold, hard truth about why you’re unemployed: most businesses don’t need you any more. We can do just as much, if not more, without you.

Over the past twenty years, the technology industry, led by companies like Microsoft, have given us powerful databases, operating systems, networks and software applications that have made it easier for us to accomplish more tasks than we did before with less people. And it’s not just Microsoft who you can blame.

Blame Sage, who makes Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management software that has enabled businesses to automate their marketing campaigns, build workflows for alerting managers when inventory needs to be replenished and generate workorders and invoices that are immediately emailed without employing teams of people.

Blame Rackspace and Amazon and other cloud based infrastructure providers, who allow us to host all of our business applications on their servers, thereby eliminating many in our information technology departments and cutting back on wasted time from downed computers and security flaws.

It’s true that the costs of healthcare and other regulations have discouraged many of us from hiring full time employees. But at the same time we’ve come to realize that maybe we don’t need as many full time employees as we used to. And because technology has advanced so much, even over the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion of outsourcing among businesses, both small and large.

For little cost, companies like mine can easily setup systems for external access and collaboration. We use remote desktop services (again from Microsoft) , but also from companies like Citrix Online and LogMeIn so that our contractors can access our networks to do their work. We use cloud based applications like, Basecamp, and NetSuite to manage projects, share data and schedule tasks with both employees and approved outsiders wherever they are. Thanks to Microsoft, Google and companies like Zoho and Dropbox we can now easily put out entire office in the cloud – documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, projects.

And we can communicate with our outsourced help, wherever they are, more quicker and easier than before. We make free phone calls using Skype and inexpensive mass calls (or texts) using products like VoiceShot. We hold free conference call sessions using We share our desktops using Glance and We hold training sessions using Webex. We use video tools like Oovoo to virtually meet face to face.

And finding outsourced help is easier than it’s ever been. That’s because we can search sites like Craigslist, Elance and Guru. And when we find qualified people to accomplish specific tasks for us we can use these sites to set our relationships, manage our payments and communicate our needs.

Which is why so many of the tasks once done by companies are now being outsourced to individuals and other companies who can, using their own internal technology, perform these same tasks with so many less people. Most of the clients I work with outsource their payroll to companies like ADP and Paychex. Many outsource their bookkeeping needs to firms that do nothing else, but do it more efficiently. Most companies now have internet based phone systems where an automated attendant re-directs calls to people’s cell phones and voice mail messages are sent to them via text with no humans in the middle.

No humans.

Are you starting to see the picture? I know you want to be hired full time by me. And I want to be doing my part. But please understand: I’m running a business. I want to make profits. And these tools are letting me make more profits by employing people only when I need them rather than carrying them on my payroll.

It’s not all Microsoft’s fault. What they’re doing is nothing compared to what’s happening on the shop floor. Because, quietly and without fanfare, companies like the Oystar Group are making machines that fill tubes faster than before, requiring less shifts of people to complete an order. And equipment from Keller Technology enables cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce more product with less people. And software and consulting firms like Intuitive ERP and Epicor are helping manufacturers change their internal processes to create more products from less space and using less resources, particularly people.

We know this is true in our own lives. Things are lasting longer and working better. We’re keeping our cars well beyond 100,000 miles. We’re letting our fridges and toasters and kettles do their jobs well beyond the lifespan that our parents did. New developments in flooring, painting and construction are resulting in longer use of our homes. Because technology is better. Have you ever had a TV repairman to your house? How many times has your washing machine broken down over the past twelve years and thousands upon thousands of cycles? Because of technology, there are less people needed to manufacture and service the durable equipment that we use because this stuff is working better and for a much longer period of time.

And with all that, we still need you. Don’t believe me? Look at last month’s Monster Employment Index or read Gallup’s recent Job Creation data. Both surveys find that job availabilities are at their highest level than before 2008. But these are not same the jobs that existed before 2008. That’s because we don’t need as many receptionists, clerks, cashiers, bookkeepers, inventory stockers and maintenance people as we used to. Technology has helped us cut back on all of that. Go to your local supermarket (or Rite Aid) and you’ll see what I mean.

But we do need programmers. And experienced customer service people. We need engineers, scientists, high end equipment operators, nurses, lab technicians and (very soon) capable construction workers too. In other words: people with skills. As a business owner it’s a no-brainer to me that if I can profit from your skills I may very well be persuaded to hire you. What expertise can you bring to me that a machine can’t do for much less? I have to meet that challenge with my own customers. That’s the challenge that we all face.

Of course, all economies are cyclical. And more jobs will be created once the economy again begins to grow. No one knows when this will happen and right now, in our current political environment, many aren’t feeling too confident that this will happen anytime soon. But even in a growing economy will we ever see 5-6% natural unemployment again? This may never happen. And if it doesn’t, please don’t just blame the politicians. Blame Microsoft. And other tech companies like them. It’s because of them that I’m not hiring you.

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