Sunday, August 7, 2011

President Obama's mistakes

YES WE CAN!! or no you can't ? well in the beginning of 2009 after Barack Obama was sworn into the presidential oval office and America was fired up and ready to go even in a 10.5 percent unemployment rate an economy losing about 700,000 jobs a month America was still fired up and ready to go, there are two things i would credit Obama for doing and that's killing bin laden and trying to fix health care even though that was a lot of spending too. Lets go back to 2009 where he passed a stimulus bill worth 787 billion dollars to keep the economy afloat, and then there was a health care bill that he did say he wants in his office buy august but because of the politics and the bickering in Washington it was passed later than that. What happened to America financially and emotionally in 2008 with the US economy and major layoffs, it was such an emotional time in this country and with the very intense presidential elections it was very emotional for all of us. This is my critique of President Barack Obama.

The worst thing you can do is work with people who wants to see you fail
like what Rush Limbaugh said and i quote i want him to fail, republicans and
democrats have there agendas but a democratic president in office should
have worked with mostly democrats and get things done much quickly
but working on bipartisanship is what slowed him down.

Now i am pro business and pro corporate, but i will cut him some slack on this one now
at the time America was experiencing something it has never experienced before or at
least since the great depression, but in a bad economy where are begging businesses to
hire people it wasn't the best idea to keep criticizing corporations for there way of
spending taxpayers money to where it seems as if he was talking about all of corporate
America when he was just talking about banks at wall street.

The federal government spent well over a trillion dollars since 2009 most of witch went
to the health care bill and the stimulus package, but no small business lending ? there are about 154.4 million employed individuals in the US and small business are the largest employers in the country employing 53% of all us workers, and 30 million small businesses in the US accounts for 64% of net new jobs, even over 99% of all employing organizations in the US are small businesses so it would have been and it's still is a great idea to lend to small businesses.

In overall progress i would give the president a D- for the reason of the economy and the
unemployment rate, and no matter how you want to look at it this economy is the biggest issue on the table and if the unemployment rate continues to be high and the US economy continues to produce jobs very poorly every month, well i don't know what president Barack Obama will do next year for his reelection bid but i very much doubt the American people would be fired up and ready to go.

President Obama got a lot of votes from people based on the color of his skin. Many people wanted to elect a black man president to send a message about race relations in this country. They also wanted to be perceived as "color-blind" when it comes to race. So the only criteria was his skin color.

However, now the bloom is off the rose. People are now judging the President based on what he has accomplished in his first 2.5 years in office and lots of people are not impressed. In business, we would call this over promising and under delivering. Expectations were so high at the beginning of his presidency, it would have been virtually impossible to meet all the expectations. But meeting some of them would have been nice.

This is similar to his failed experience with the Annenberg Challenge, where he and William Ayers put their ideas about education into play. The Annenberg Foundation shut down their experiment in educaton when their students were shown to be no different scholastically from public school kids, even after blowing through millions of dollars.

Now, he is experimenting with his ideas about economic growth, capitalism government intervention in business and market forces. Sadly, much like the Annenberg challenge, his ideas have been shown to be completely ineffective. Yet his pride and his inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for what his administration has done (or, more to the point, not done) have become more and more apparent to many citizens.

It would be different if he was learning from his mistakes, making changes to his policies and being willing to listen to different ideas. But he is not. And with news starting to surface about how effective the changes that Gov. Scott Walker has put into place in Wisconsin, many people are wondering why President Obama and his staff can't see the obvious and do the same things, on a national scale.

If President Obama loses the presidency in November of 2012, he will blame the tea party movement, Congress and anyone else he can find. Sadly, he will have no one to blame but himself.

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