Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bullies and more bullies

Well i can tell you that i didn't have alot of bully problems as a kid but so many kids today have bully problems online, now think about this if you are maybe 25 years old and up most likely you didn't have to worry about bullies online when you where a kid, now to be specific social networking sites like facebook and myspace made it a whole lot easier for online bullies to bully kids to death? now how sensitive can a 13 year old be to want to kill him or her self because somebody posted a message about them being gay on facebook or twitter would any kid want to take there own life because someone out there just don't like them enough to tell the world whom they are? unfortunately yes, violent crime in schools has declined dramatically since 1994 just for that fact. Youth who bully frequently during adolescence are more likely to be aggressive and to have criminal records in adulthood and bullied children may grow up with diminished self-confidence and maybe no self esteem, now you remember the days when the average boy would go to school and minding his own business a big kid would show up and slam him against his locker and demand all his lunch money and make fun of him while all the kids are laughing he would walk with his head down and be sad for being piked on and being made fun of, yup those where the days but times has changed and we need to understand that it's not like that anymore it happens in schools but not as much as it use to bullying is now online and it's easier for kids to bully, now there are no regulations going on but the law is not fast enough to catch up to technology but it's not the regulating that's the problem because you can't tell someone you can't post a certain type of message it's there account and yes they should have the freedom to post what they want we can't control the actions of humans they can only control there own actions online and offline.

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