Sunday, October 3, 2010

Has America Lost Civility ?

Well of course think back in 2007 or 2006 we where happier and more optimistic but there where things we where angry about then the like war in Iraq, yet here at home things where kind of going well for us economically and financially i can remember a time when i was watching the stock market boom to where people was talking about investing and trading everyday yet it was all a ticking time bomb. In January of 2007 things started to become a little funny first the mortgage mess that made us thing are we headed for a recession? i can remember watching the view and Barbra Walters asking former chairman of the federal reserve Alan Greenspan if we are headed for a recession and he said precisely no well he was wrong VERY wrong. 2008 job loses started to climb at record percentages and the economy was looking even more funny then there was something that happen that none of us would think would happen we elected the first African American as our president and it kind of united us for a little bit but not for long, in 2009 president Obama signed a bill that would begin a very silly political fight nationally.Unemployment lost of jobs bad economy foreclosure crises it just made people more angry at the country and looking back not so long ago America was doing so well and just 4 years later we are now in a recession? it just made people very angry and it's everywhere in America.

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