Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are Reality Shows Real or Fake?

The answer to the question, are reality shows real, is obviously no. In the earlier times, when there were other forms of reality TV, these shows had some part that displayed real emotion and behavior. In the recent times, however, they are nothing but hyped series of episodes where the cast (even non-actors), is made to put up a drama and act funny for entertainment. Today there are many reality show ideas for talent hunts, game shows and stunt competitions, where all the contestants compete for money. Take a look at some more facts on reality television and find out, are reality shows real.

Are Reality Shows Scripted?
It all began with the super hit series of Big Brother, where a bunch of not so famous celebrities had to live with strangers 24/7 and were cut off from the whole world. They competed against each other for money and the last survivor, won it all. Though these shows are not completely scripted, the backbone of the show is surely written. Once the rules and regulations to be followed are jotted down, the rest of the show is carried further by the characters in the show. Because all reality shows have to start with introducing strangers to each other on the show sets, the drama is created when they react, make friends, don't get along and sometimes even get in a fight. Today as the effects of reality TV are enormous on viewers, entertainment channels are coming up with many such shows. Some reality shows which involve videos about certain events like police chases, training academies, etc. are however not scripted, as they are 100% real.

Are Reality Shows Staged?
As mentioned above, one of the most favorite types of reality shows are the talent hunts like "American Idol, America's next top model, The Jearsey Shore The Real House Wives Of  New Jearsey The Apprentice", etc. These shows get fresh, young faces from all parts of the country and put them all together. When they live with complete strangers who they have never even seen before, the media shooting the show gets drama and the viewers get entertainment. This is how reality talent shows are staged in front of their audience. There are many reality shows which have continued for many seasons and are still aired, but some don't have a good fate.

No matter how much we contemplate about 'are reality shows real or not', we can never be sure of how much is real and how much is not. Thus, as far as they keep entertaining us, I think we can applaud their efforts and have fun watching them

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