Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Power Of Facebook

Well i have been using facebook for little over a year now and i find it very interesting chatting friending someone you new maybe from years ago facebook has changed our everyday lives we use facebook for alot of things playing games talking to people and advertising, facebook just 5 years ago was not even mentioned anywhere and now look how big it is in our lives facebook is a driving force in our personal lives and our social lives from communicating with friends meeting friends and staying close to family now lets remember that facebook was not the first social networking website invented myspace was founded in 2003 and that site was so popular just until facebook kinda came along and smashed it to the floor with a very more grown up feel to it that attracted alot more users mostly the adult community. These days everybody is talking about facebook and to be honest facebook has help us alot and then again it has also hurt us too with break ups friends posting a picture of us that we never wanted out there in the first place and even bullying, but no matter what facbook is very powerful for one reason and that's us.

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