Monday, October 25, 2010

Is It Okay To Be A Controversial Star These Days ?

  Bill Maher
 Glenn Beck
Bill O'reilly
 Ann Coulter
 Keith Olbermann

Well maybe not but there are some people who think it's ok because they tell it like it is even if they offend people, the funny thing is that controversy can make stars now days but would you want to be a star because you wrote a book against Muslims or you said something controversial on TV and the media got so excited about it or because of your talent and your gift that you have to share with the world ? people as of these days are more political and more angry and as usual the media mostly look for bad things to air more than good things, very often controversial stars are made by the news media because of the bad things that they wants to broadcast like bias and controversy and negative things, you can say it's fox news msnbc or cnn but to be honest it's the media in general, what we should do is to do our research more often to get the facts and to know the true story behind it because the media these days are not that trusted and yes they do have there agendas.

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