Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Football To Dangerous ?

What a question now alot of people have loved football for decades but think about the physicality of the sport the fact that it's so rough is what really makes it fun changing the rules of that is going to be very hard and lets remember the viewers and the attendees as well, taking roughness out of football could just result in a big disaster.

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  1. I feel like I can see both sides of the coin. While you want to do whatever you can to protect the well-being and longterm health of the players involved - if you take away the physical nature of the sport, you are taking away what made this sport so popular. They call it "the bloodsport" for a reason - because you might get bloody. Players know that, fans know it. For years we've celebrated (and the NFL has paid big $$ for) the big hits, the violence, etc.

    I think it was Troy Polomalu from the Steelers who described the "continuing wussification" of the league. I think he's right.