Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ferrari Calling 458 Italia Owners Over Fires

Just the Facts:

•Internet is abuzz with reports of a Ferrari 458 Italia recall.

•The potential defect could cause fire.

•Ferrari says there is no recall, but that it is calling 458 owners, asking to inspect their cars.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, New Jersey — Ferrari dealers in the U.S. have begun calling owners of the 458 Italia, asking them to bring their cars in to check for a defect that could cause fires, a Ferrari North America spokesman"said we just started deliveries in June to U.S. customers," the spokesman said ."Only a handful of cars are involved in the U.S."The spokesman, who asked not to be identified by name, said Ferrari dealers are replacing a heat shield on the 458 Italia that has been identified as a potential cause of fires that have been widely reported by global media outlets."I'm not sure that you would call this a recall," the Ferrari spokesman said, the $230,000 458 Italia was not listed Wednesday morning on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's official recall list.Various Web sites and blogs on Wednesday were reporting that Ferrari had finally begun responding to reports of fires in the 458 Italia. Superquant, a poster on the fan site, said: "My dealer just informed me that as of 1 minute ago he learned that Ferrari has issued a recall on ALL 458 due to the fire situation. Ferrari has determined the cause of the 458's that have caught on fire was from an adhesive that attached the heat shield under the rear fenders. The heat shields were attached with an adhesive and became flammable under high temps. The new shield will be attached rivets, not any type of adhesive. Every 458 produced will get this new part so call your dealer now and set up your appointment which of course is free of charge. Ferrari is not taking any chances and will replace this part on every 458 italia produced to date."At the car's official unveiling last summer, Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, blogging on the company's official Web site, referred to the 458 Italia as "a tribute to Italy and its unique qualities."

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