Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 America

Hey all of you out there reading this blog, accept it or not we have a african american president for the first time in history of our country i"m proud but this means that it came to a time for us to move on from being a country that in a way have been sort of divided racially and by culture i"m a christian i don"t believe in homosexuality, but i"v always been neutral in abortion we need to learn to be people of one nation under GOD i"m tired of hearing people say the black church or the white church there is no such thing as a white church or a black church, we have a lot influence from the media really the news media but thats only just our freedom to express what we want thats call"d freedom of speech. What about our president what about the issues we face in this country, like health care or the war in iraq and the war in afghanistan or what about the real estate crisis or one we all might not be to happy with wall street, president barack obama signed a $787  billion bill in to law last year now i will tell you the truth i did not really think this bill would make a big difference in our economy but the government could come up with better ideas but we also play a role in this the role we play is to be faithful and come up with ideas on ways to save invest and spend our money wisely. If you where to ask me when do i see our country coming back to be a prosperous nation again well i don"t think anybody can predict when things will get better but i will tell you we will get better as a country as a nation and as a society.

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