Monday, August 30, 2010

Divided or United

To be completely honest with you i think alot of people in america are just becoming more divided for one reason INFLUENCE, media influence like msnbc foxnews is to overwhelming like when i watch the Rachel maddow show or the Glenn Beck show i just wonder where journalism is in the 21st century, it's unfortunate that political  partisanship is just the main headline in our media now days, now days we argue about things that is so unnecessary to argue about like race, you would think that electing the first african american man as a president of the united states would have done something to remove racial arguments of all kinds. On august 28 Glenn Beck led a march on dc to restore honor or remember the i have a dream speech made by Martin Luther King J.r then there was Al Sharpton leading another march on dc where there where mostly african americans marching with him, to be honest what al sharpton should have done was call glenn beck and say you know lets understand one thing this is a day where we don't need to be divided but we should celebrate and remember the dream as one.

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